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Available titles:

Poet Blood (Kim Kyung Ju, trans. Jake Levine)

shadowslongshoreman (José Daniel García, trans. Jesse Tangen-Mills)

Wreckage (Roberta Iannamico, trans. Alexis Almeida)

The Night's Belly (Sara Tuss Efrik, trans. Paul Cunningham)

Tail of the Whale (Alice Sant'Anna, trans. Tiffany Higgins)

mainland (stinne storm, trans. stinne storm)

Anti-Ferule (Karen Wild Díaz, trans. Ron Paul Salutsky)

The Tears (Olivia Rosenthal, trans. Béatrice Mousli)

Passenger ultrasound (Justyna Bargielska, trans. Katarzyna Szuster)

Roly Poly (Victoria Estol, trans. Seth Michelson)

Every Good Heart Is a Telescope (Víctor Rodríguez Núñez, trans. Katherine M. Hedeen)

Eduardo Milan: Poems (Eduardo Milan, trans. Leora Fridman)

The Flying Head (Ioan Flora, trans. Adam J. Sorkin and Elena Borta)

Suite Prelude A/H1N1 (Jose Eugenio Sanchez, trans. Anna Rosen Guercio)

An Evening in Europe (Jorg Fauser, trans. Mark Terrill)

*Arctic Poems (Vicente Huidobro, trans. Nathan Hoks)

Some Very Popular Songs (Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, trans. Mark Terrill)

The Baden-Baden Lesson Play on Acquiescence (Bertolt Brecht, trans. Justin Vicari)

*The Factory of the Past (Mariana Marin, trans. Adam J. Sorkin & Daniela Hurezanu)

*Mercury Project (Grzegorz Wroblewski, trans. Adam Zdrowski)

Fernando de Rojas Asleep on His Own Hand (Rafael Ballesteros, trans. Steven J. Stewart)

Woman Bathing Light to Dark (Paul Eluard, trans. Justin Vicari)

Martial Artist (Martial, trans. George Held)

*limited quantities available; please query before ordering this title.


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